Incredible Journeys Preserved with Photo Books

The Journey Book is a customer experience based Photo Book branded to a Packaged Tour, Attraction; or Hotel/Resort property.

Cloud Based Architecture

Phocentric is a cloud based web development platform for the creation of Journey Books. It is available to your guests 24/7 no matter where they travel!

Customer Experience Based

You know where your guests have been and what they have experienced. Invite them to create a photo book based on the experience your brand enabled!


Your Brand

Whether you are a Packaged Tour Operator, a Resort Hotel; or an Attraction, a Journey book from design to the printed book supports your brand!

World Wide Shipping

PhoCentric incorporates into their platform an international network of commercial printers. A customers Journey Book is printed and shipped from our closest printing facility!


Professionally Capture Imagery

Since each Journey Book is experience based we can include in the template Professionally Captured Content unique to that experience!

Multiple Sources of Photos

Guests can access their own content from multiple sources.  The own digital media of course, but also all their social media accounts too!

The Team

Two industries collide to bring the Journey Book to life


Doug Otto

Doug has been working in the tourism industry for over 20 years during which time he pioneered the introduction of digital attraction photography in the Canadian Rockies.  Through acquisition and organic growth he lead the creation of Banff Photography, the largest provider of attraction, professional, retail and fine art photography services in the Canadian Mountain Parks.

PhoCentric was born out of Doug’s experience in using the Attraction, Resort Hotel and Packaged Tour industries as a distribution channel for Photographic services and products.


Lisa Otto

Lisa is a veteran of the Photographic industry in North America.  While overseeing the daily operations of Banff Photography she has witnessed firsthand the power of photography in people’s lives.  Beyond Banff Photography Lisa sits on the board of directors of Photo Marketing Association International and Fotosource Canada.

As an avid traveller, and designated family memory keeper, Lisa knows the importance of preserving memories.  Lisa’s passion for memory preservation has been influential in the design and layout of PhoCentric’s Journey Book platform.

How it all works

We have put together a brief video of a customer’s experience building a Journey Book. Sit back and enjoy the show.


For a more detailed analysis of the Journey Book concept please read the following white paper we have prepared.

The Phocentric Journey Book White Paper


There is no cost for PhoCentric to execute their Journey Book building platform under your brand. The specific steps our team will perform are as follows:

1. A consultation with your Marketing team to determine what brand assets are important for inclusion in the Journey Book template.
2. The design of a Journey Book Landing Page for your guests to visit and to find their specific experience/tour template,
3. The sourcing of Professional content unique to each experience/tour,
4. The design and layout of each experience/tour template,
5. The presentation of each template for approval,
6. The linking of the final template to your branded landing page.

Once a client has started a Journey Book, PhoCentric handles all technical support, e-commerce, order routing, printing and shipping.

The pricing of an actual Journey Book to the end customer; or your company should you wish to include the book in a tour, is dependent on several factors that include:

1. Book cover type,
2. Number of pages,
3. Paper type, and
4. Shipping method.

Our goal is to design a book consistent with the expectations your customers have of your brand. Please contact us and after a brief consultation we will be able to provide a custom pricing quote.

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